Monday, January 27, 2014

Frog Tongue

            This was where things started getting complicated. The concept was to try and add a 

frog to a woman's tongue and blend it so it looked believable. Once again, the tutorial went 

slow enough so I didn't get lost, but I had to pause it a few times to adjust some things. The 

cloning tool is a very useful element that can make some visually interesting pictures. It also 

demonstrated how to use the shadow tool. Adjusting the angle, darkness, and size was very 

difficult in order to get it just right. It took some fine tuning, but the end result was very 


Angry Pancakes

          The angry pancakes tutorial was a simple and easy to follow introduction to Photoshop. 

It  teaches the basics like how to insert pictures and get your image set up for adjustment, as 

well as a brief description of layers and the tools along the side. Warping the pancakes and 

inserting teeth acted as a good place to start. The liquefy tools, lasso tools, and magic wand 

were easy to comprehend, and yet can be used to do so many things in Photoshop. All around, 

it was a good place to start.